Digital Security

"Unlocking doors with a smartphone, is that even safe?" - Yes, it is! In fact, it is much more secure than conventional keys or numerical codes.

STORE ROOM uses complex encrypted communication, similar to online banking on your smartphone. Our digital locking system is therefore one of the most secure solutions for professional access control systems and meets the highest industry standards.

Storage Security

Security is a top priority at STORE ROOM, so we can live up to YOUR standards. The warehouse and entrance area are 100% video monitored, around the clock. Except, of course, for your storage room, because that is where you are at home. In addition, the parking lot is also video-monitored, so that full security ensured at all times.

The entire building and of course your storage room is fully alarmed. In addition, the humidity and temperature are monitored. This means that you can also store sensitive items, such as furniture or art without having to worry about your belongings.

If you leave your storage room open unintentionally, we will inform you and can lock the door for you at any time. So you and your valuable objects are always safe.

In order to ensure safety in the building, the following items are expressly prohibited in our warehouse:

  • Valuables, such as cash, savings books, jewellery, securities;
  • Perishable goods and all kinds of living things (dead or alive);
  • Gegenstände, die üblicher Temperatur- und Luftfeuchtigkeit nicht
  • Items and materials which, through unpleasant odours, smoke, noise
    or other emissions may affect the Lessor or other third parties;
  • Dangerous objects, especially highly flammable materials (gases,
    dyes, petrol, oils, solvents); weapons, ammunition, explosives and other
    explosive substances; chemicals, radioactive materials, biological warfare agents,
    Toxic waste, asbestos or other potentially hazardous materials;
  • Waste materials, such as hazardous waste;
  • All objects or substances, the possession of which, according to the valid legal regulations
    is not generally permitted;
Verbotene Gegenstände STORE ROOM