Rent storage space in Vienna and Lower Austria

Everything needs its place

The need for storage space is constantly growing. this is due to the fact that all kinds of things simply need to be stored: from food, wine and furniture to the paddling pool for the summer, sports equipment, roof racks, lots of old files and even entire exhibition stands. All this needs space. A storage room for such things is sometimes only needed for a season, sometimes for years, sometimes even only for a few weeks.

STORE ROOM storage space

The best thing is to be able to rent and enter your storage space at any time - even without having to contact anyone directly! This is exactly what STORE ROOM offers in its modern and secure self-storage warehouse. Here you will find storage rooms in various sizes from 1 to 50 m² on a total area of 9000 m². By the way, you can also explore our storage units in a 3D tour, which was created from real pictures!

Rent storage space:
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How does the rental of a storage room work?

Size of the self-storage space

At the beginning the space requirements have to be clarified. This depends strongly on how much you want to store, but also on how bulky and easy to stack the items are. You should also consider how often you want to access the items. Because if you constantly need something from the warehouse, the space should be a little more generous. It is important that you can store your things well and safely at STORE ROOM. A good tool to find this out is our Storage Calculator. A 3D tour through our storage rooms makes it even easier to see for yourself.

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Location of the STORE ROOM storage

We are located directly on the border between Vienna and Lower Austria. Conveniently situated right next to the Vösendorf junction, quick and easy to reach. Enjoy the advantage of a safe storage area which is perfectly accessible from all over Vienna South and the industrial quarter in Lower Austria (Mödling, Brunn am Gebirge, Maria Enzersdorf, Perchtoldsdorf, Vösendorf and of course Vienna).



Periods for renting a storage space

With us you can rent a storage room in four different intervals: Weekly, four weekly, half-yearly and yearly. This makes renting with STORE ROOM very flexible and you can choose according to your needs. Long-term tenants also benefit from great discounts. You can find more details about the periods and prices at Prices & Sizes.


Access to the storage room - Your Digital key

Thanks to modern technology, our storage rooms, which can be rented for flexible periods, can be booked and entered completely contactlessly! So you can book and open your rented storage room directly with your smartphone. We also offer 24h access to the guarded area. It is super easy - you don't even need a key! In case you do not have signal, there is free WLAN, don't worry!